- Apr 7, 2008
References: tvscoop
This cartoon image of Victoria Beckham is a screen grab from Headcases, an computer animated TV show featuring media icons like politicians and celebrities. Like most caricatures, the illustrations on the ITV show aren't particularly flattering, but they are incredibly entertaining!

"The best sketches came when different news stories were brought together, such as Heather Mills saying that MPs should be asking for *more* money for their kitchens, not less: '£5000 for a kitchen? What kind of B-class hovel are they living in?!'" TV Scoop says. "Sometimes, the physicality of the characters they created was good enough to entertain, such as with Madonna and Victoria Beckham."

It's by the creators of Spitting Image, a show that used puppets; Headcases is a more high-tech version featuring computer generated graphics, which is why is why the show is sometimes refers to it as Spitting Image 2.0.