The 'Portraits as Living Deads 2.0' by Frederik Peeters are Eerie

Zombie adaptions are taking over one town at a time, and right now it looks like they're headed for Hollywood Hills after seeing Frederik Peeter's 'Portraits as Living Deads' series.

The artwork includes illustrations of famous portraits transformed into blood-dripping, bone-baring and pale-skinned monsters using only their iconic traits to give away their identities. Designer Karl Lagerfeld looks ghastly and gruesome but keeps his ever-present black suit in good condition, Victoria Beckham looks a little worse for wear and it's hard to say whether Bono is belting out lyrics or blood curdling screams.

The Portraits as Living Deads by Frederik Peeters are both spine-chilling and comical, and make it obvious that even post-apocalyptic Brad Pitt will somehow still be on the hot list.