Rich Prosecco Ads

 - Dec 13, 2007
References: tvshowscelebrity.wordpress
Paris Hilton has taken advertisements for her branded beverage, Rich Prosecco, to the next level of sexy in the new campaign in which she appears wearing nothing but gold paint.

Like a golden statue, the high profile socialite stretches her slender body upwards to the sky, nothing to cover her most intimate parts other than her own strategically placed arms and legs.

Her head is thrust back and her face tilted at the fierce rays of the sun in the Mojave Desert as if to worship the gold nature pours down on her.

The video ads, featured below, are more about highlighting the opulent life the heiress lives, full of VIP parties, beautiful people and the luxe life. However, these are older, and not part of her new campaign.

Though finding images and videos of the heiress in full nudity is no problem, Paris seems to take her new ad campaign seriously. Although she is using sex to sell her product, she isn't doing it in a vulgar way. The really dirty stuff, it seems, is just to build her own brand, and not the products, like Rich Prosecco, that she endorses.