A Scandalous Collection Inspired By Kim Kardashian W Magazine Cover

 - Jan 31, 2011   Updated: Jul 5 2011
In the spirit of the recent naked Kim Kardashian W Magazine cover, this scandalous collection of nude celebrity photos is a showcase of instances where two of the most powerful marketing concepts known to humanity have come together: nudity and famous people.

Although not always intentionally released or well-received by the parties involved, nude celobtography is a pop culture phenomenon that continues to capture and excite the public's imagination.

Implications - In modern society, celebrities are often celebrated more for their body image and physical appearance than for the talent that garnered them celebrity status to begin with. Consumers idolize the seemingly perfect bodies of these icons and photographers; designers and advertisers who use these bodies to drive consumerism attract the attention of the celebrity and body-obsessed public.