Press Ignores Paris Hilton

 - Mar 4, 2007   Updated: Jul 20 2011
References: cnn
Did you feel you were missing out on Paris Hilton at all this month? I doubt it, because I surely didn't notice her absence from my news ticker. After a week long "black out" of Paris Hilton, CNN covers the story of her ban from news. Rather ironic, somewhat funny... Who knows what will come of this, maybe she'll be totally banned from the news, now that would be funny.

Implications - It's amazing that we live in contemporary pop culture so conflicted about its coverage of (mostly talentless) pseudo-celebrities who are 'famous for being famous' that something like this would occur, and with the AP, no less. Personally, I'm not the world's biggest Paris Hilton fan, but I think an outright ban is a little ridiculous. Moderation is the food of the soul.