Despite Presidential Polls, Paris Hilton Says She Still Is In the Race

 - Oct 24, 2008
References: swaghousemedia
The latest presidential polls might suggest otherwise, but Paris Hilton says she is still in the presidential race. Accordingly, a new Paris Hilton video will be released has been taped and ready to go.

The video here is just a taste, a reminder that Paris Hilton is still here, still hot and having fun. So if you are tired of looking at the real presidential polls, check out Paris Hilton and remember that she got into the race because John McCain "the old white dude" used her and Nichole Richey in one of his anti-Barrack Obama ads.

She recently shot another spoof, appearing alongside with "one of the greatest fake presidents," Martin Sheen, who played President Bartlet on The West Wing, as she herself declared she was running for "fake president." With endorsements like that, who needs presidential polls anyways...