Paris Hilton: The “Real Maverick”

 - Oct 27, 2008
References: parisforpresident
Paris Hilton has not dropped out of the race for President of the United States. What would be her handle on national polls? Would her early voting campaign be anything like the ones Obama did? While we don't have the answer, we do know that Paris Hilton just released her latest hot video.

Paris is seen cavorting on a stage with a backdrop of a huge flag. She looks sexy in a bikini, behind a presidential podium. Paris Hilton for President has done it again. It’s a fantastic parody of the presidential election.

She promises you can ride in the motorcade in her "hybrid, pink, Es-ca-lade!" Paris Hilton pushes aside the old dude calling him a cliche. ‘Paris for President’ actually reveals some talent from the person who was famous for being famous. Paris Hilton also refers to herself as the "real maverick."