From Twintastic Couples to Bisexual Dating Shows

 - Mar 28, 2010   Updated: Jul 25 2011
It's time to double your pleasure, which will in turn double your fun, with 20 Terrific Twin Finds. There's so much to celebrate here it's almost mind-blowing.

Bisexual twin dating shows. Need I say more? If you live your life to the power of two then you'll love all of these terrific twin finds. I guess Taylor Swift was right, maybe two is better than one.

Implications - Especially when both are so undeniably attractive. The appeal of twins comes from the idea that there can be two of one person, which is valued in a society driven by vanity. Plus, twins just look so awesomely trippy in fashion spreads, don't you think?

Check out these terrific twin finds -- don't worry, you're not seeing double.