Monterey Bay Shores Will Be World's Greenest Getaway

This February, construction for Monterey Bay Shores will begin; the California eco-resort is set to be the world's greenest. Every inch of its 29 acres has been designed with maximum sustainability and minimal damage to the environment.

For starters, Monterey Bay Shores will obtain 30% of its power from solar and wind farms implemented onsite. There will be five acres of living rooftops and abundant landscape to provide habitats for endangered species, according to TreeHugger. All told, the eco-friendly measures undertaken for Monterey Bay Shores give it half the carbon footprint of a traditional structure of its size, and the eco-resort will shoot for LEED platinum certification.

An understated but crucial aspect to Monterey Bay Shores' sustainability is its location. Unlike the bevy of far-flung eco-resorts worldwide, Monterey Bay Shores is within driving distance for millions of tourists.