- Dec 14, 2010   Updated: Mar 22 2011
Sometimes getting away from the hectic Christmas holidays is key for body and health rejuvenation, so why not treat yourself and others to some winter holiday getaways? Life is already stressful and hectic enough, and let's face it -- you deserve some time off.

So sit back, relax, and sift through these winter holiday getaways to start your body healing.

Implications - Though winter getaways have been a staple in human nature since the development of the airplane, consumers continue to demand more options. The restless consumer appreciates a truly exotic vacation now more than ever, with the stress of daily life and demand for multi-tasking coming dangerously close to overwhelming for many. Thus, extravagant vacations are no longer seen as a privilege, but a necessity.

From Eco Luxury Resorts to Blessed Spa Retreats: