Gemma Del Est Zanzibar: Paradise In Africa

 - Dec 1, 2005
For any of you planning a trip to East Africa, ensure you spend a few nights in Zanzibar, a tiny island off the east coast of Tanzania. PARADISE. UNTOUCHED. And the resort - "Gemma del Est Zanzibar" is one of the world's finest. Beautifully furnished, spacious rooms, all with an ocean view. The beach is pristine and pure. The food is incredible, especially considering its of a buffet variety. And as a bonus to this already wonderful resort, many many gorgeous people (lots of Europeans - Italians mainly) at this resort to feast your eyes on! On my latest 3 month trip throughout Africa and India, we spent 10 days at this resort, and it was the highlight of the trip.

"Gemma is located on the North West coast of Zanzibar, near to Kendwa Rocks, on a magnificent stretch of beach. The beauty of this side of the island is that it is not as affected as the East by the tidal fluctuations. You are able to swim during low and high tide. Even though they have a great beach, they went and built the most massive swimming pool on the island with a sunken bar on the northern end where you are able to enjoy cocktails."

Guests are transported by golf carts from the reception area to their rooms. All over the resort they have pathways for the gold carts who transfer guests between the top restaurant or reception and their rooms. From your room, it is a good 80 meters down to the beach. All in all it is almost half a kilometer from reception down to the beach (if not longer). This just gives you an idea of how huge it is. " - Island Getaways