Swiss Whitepod

 - Jan 21, 2008
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The ultimate Alps experience is Whitepod, a hi-tech eco pod camp for just 24 guests situated over 1700m high in the Swiss Alps.

Whiteopd offers both luxury and adventure while leaving little mark on the environment. In 2005 it won the Responsible Tourism Award for Innovation.

Several eco-friendly principles govern Whitepod activity; for instance, the 12 pods which made up the resort are pitched on wooden platforms. At the end of the winter season no trace of the camp remains as the pods are removed. Moreover, the furniture chosen for the camp is either made from recycled materials or manufactured with sustainable Swiss wood. All the waste generated by the camp is recycled in accordance with local authority guidelines. The pods are lit by lanterns and heated by wood stoves, while electricity is limited to the main lodge, which hosts the dining, spa facilities such as sauna and massage areas, and bathrooms.

A place to be truly immersed in the beauty of mountain nature.