From Norwegian Ice Hotels to Comfy Sandbag Bunkers

 - Jul 24, 2012
The influx of inconspicuous igloo edifices shows the fascination that people have with the rare ice structures.

Most places don't see snow or ice all year round, so the only areas where an igloo would be needed realistically would be up north in Canada, Russia or at the poles. In any of such places, the population is low. It is the general mystery of how an igloo is built, how warm it would keep residents and other banal questions of the like that spawns igloo copycats all over the world.

If people cannot experience the real thing, then there is need for hotels that emulate their shape in Finland and Norway, as well as tents that are simply shaped like the ice edifices. This way, you don't have to venture all the way up to the Arctic to cuddle up into a small corner of snow!