Alta Igloo Hotel

 - Jan 4, 2008
While most people wouldn't dream of actually moving up north to live in an igloo, there is something so captivating about living inside ice and snow sculpted architecture.

The Alta Igloo Hotel near Oslo, Norway features bedrooms, a living room area, an ice bar and ice gallery with intricate frozen sculptures.

It is situated along the Alta river, in the middle of a white wonderland. The hotel's 20 rooms offer 50 beds made of reindeer fur and warm sleeping bags to keep guests comfortable in the hotel's constant inside temperatures between -4 and -7 degrees Celsius.

During the day, why not go on a snowmobile safari? The trips leave directly from the hotel between December and April and are a guided tour on the former trade road to Karasjok. It's a fantastic journey to explore the wilderness of snow-covered forests and take in the views from the Finnmarksplateau.

If you loved the idea of getting married in the Ice Hotel in Sweden, you'll be excited that the Alta Igloo Hotel offers a cool alternative in their ice chapel.

A video can be seen here.