The Whitepod Hotel is Igloo-Chic and Environmentally Friendly

 - Feb 10, 2011   Updated: Jul 19 2011
References: whitepod & thedesignerpad
The Whitepod Hotel was created by Sofia de Meyer in an effort to protect the environment. The hotel is very eco-friendly, while remaining classy and comfortable. The Whitepod Hotel uses wood heating and gets its water from a local source.

The Whitepod Hotel is located in the Swiss Alps, overlooking the breathtaking views of Lake Geneva. The 15 white igloo-like pods were designed to blend in with the surrounding snow.

Implications - Eco-conscious consumers are constantly searching for green practices to incorporate into their lifestyles to reduce their carbon footprints. These consumers appreciate sustainable structures as they are environmentally sound and also reduce their financial costs in the long run. Architectural companies can appeal to green demographics by designing eco-friendly living options.