- Jul 22, 2014
If you love to discover new places and experience all the world has to offer, then make sure you pick a boutique hotel from this list when you are on your next quest to revel in eclectic and comfy designs in your destined country of choice.

What makes these hotels so special is the fact that each of them has such a distinct feel and look that is hard to find in any big hotel chair. Most times boutique hotel prices tend to be higher but it is only because they are smaller and offer their guests so much more when it comes to the experience itself as opposed to being just a bed to sleep in. Another important thing that makes these hotels unique is that each one has a completely different design and vibe than the other -- you can find everything from funky modern ones to 16th-century ones to suit your needs.

From Juxtaposed Mexican Hotels to Hip Rainforest Retreats: