Ecoluxury Huts

 - Jan 29, 2007
Escape the hassels of modern day in your own ecoluxury hut. At the Hotelito Desconocido you can enjoy pure luxury in an eco-friendly vacation.

"Designed as the ultimate one-of-a-kind retreat, this ecoluxury resort is a true paradise heaven. The charm of Hotelito is that it truly is a rustic getaway destination. The very concept of a luxury hotel with all its modern trappings-electricity, telephones, flashy restaurants and buzzing nightlife â€"are glaringly absent from Hotelito Desconocido, instead are replaced with alternative powered ceiling fans and biodegradable products. The location can not be better, Hotelito is located in one of the most natural landscapes in Mexico, just 60 miles south from Puerto Vallarta, Hotelito is the testimony of the most pure relation between nature and human being. Nestled between mountain, the “Emitaño” estuary and the extension of 40 miles of pristine beach. Hotelito is part of a paradise. The beach is part of the natural reserve of Playon de Mismaloya, located 1.20 miles from Cruz de Loreto county of Tomatlán Jalisco"