Celeb Hate! Magazine

 - Oct 14, 2008
References: newsoftheworld & 4mations
The Celeb Hate! Magazine series comes in a quadruple set of minute-long, animated spoof adverts that playfully, and somewhat perversely, parody the rich and famous. They were commissioned by new animation sharing site 4mations.tv.

Witness how Hollywood’s latest belief system sees things like Kevin Spacey and Cher engage in cult activities in spandex. The animated dirt on stars is dug up by a guide on celeb foraging in issue 1.

Not one celebrity is exempt from a caricature critique. Instead of experiencing the highs of being back on heroin, Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty are depicted as experiencing being on the back of a heron in(issue 2). Madonna claims her ‘spiritual age’ is 36 according to the Kaballah. Perhaps it is this defiance that sees her hilariously reinvented in the animation world as a toy in a box of cereal known as "Kaballah Flakes" in (issue 3), and to complete the madness, Paris Hilton has a rather new monstrous experience with a boyfriend abroad in (issue 4).