2008 Hits, From Sock and Awe to Sarah Palin Mockery

 - Dec 19, 2008
From Sock and Awe, the Bush shoe game, to Sarah Palin being spoofed by Tina Fey, the consistency of really good, viral parodies was strong in 2008.

Since spoof videos, gag campaigns and mocking online games picked up in the second part of the year, with the Sock and awe game being the most recent so close to year end, 2009 looks promising to be full of viral parody action.

Maybe it’s because people are seeking happiness in a time of economic downs, or because people are getting an increasingly stronger kick out of schadenfreude. We can’t be certain of the reason, so perhaps looking back at some of the best viral parodies of 2008, as well as some lesser known spoofs, that could help spark a theory.

Cycle through the cluster below for a dose of everything from Sock and Awe to faux Michael Phelps fashion covers.