Woman Shoots at Baby on Bulletproofbaby Spoof Site

 - Jul 22, 2008
References: bulletproofbaby.net & spluch.blogspot
Bulletproofbaby.net is a fun site originally set up to promote the movie "Shoot 'Em Up". The site looks just like an ordinary online store, complete with payment symbols and shopping carts. They even added a fake video showing the "live" testing of the bulletproof baby stroller with an actual baby inside. Some of the other products on the site include a chemical suit for an infant and "My First Riot Helmet" as well as tiny camouflage jackets.

It is so well done that at first glance, it could be taken as real. The product write-ups seem convincing too. But the game is up when you notice all the products are out of stock. Another hint is the link to the movie is also on the left. And oh, the Toddler Taser also gives it away - it looks like a toy.