Idiots of Ants Parody

 - May 1, 2008
References: idiotsofants & adrants
YouTube is a great tool for creating spoofs. We've seen spoofs of famous viral videos, from silly Apple ads to parodies of Miss South Carolina. Now a group is parodying Facebook. Idiots of Ants, a UK comedy group, created a video in which people applied their Facebook mannerisms to real life encounters.

Some people would argue I have an odd sense of humour, but I thought this was hilarious! And just so true!

If we interacted in real life the way we do with our "Friends" on Facebook, the world would be a scary place. With things like graffiti tagging on walls and vampire bites relationships would be truly scary. And what about the poking? Even though it's virtual, I still feel violated when I receive one!

For a humorous take on the Facebook phenomenon, check out the spoof clip above!

Below is a music video tribute to the silliness of the social networking site: