Shakira, Hilton & Jolie Without Plastic Surgery

 - May 22, 2008
References: adsoftheworld
The Xiomara Coronado Beauty Center wants you to know that 'Nobody is younger than you,' as long as you get plastic surgery. To illustrate that, they created these images of what they think famous celebrities would look like without having had these operations.

You get to see what they think Shakira, Paris Hilton and Angelina Jolie would look like 'au naturel' without any work done... and it is not a pretty picture! Paris Hilton is not famous for her beauty, but it's much worse when the skin and hair are not taken care of. Angelina's famous plump lips start to wither without maintenance. Shakira's face is hardly recognizable, but she still keeps her nice hair!

While I enjoy the funny 'tabloid' aspect of the campaign, I think it is very weak and silly. Who would choose a plastic surgery center based on obviously (and not so professionally) photoshopped pictures of celebrities? I personally doubt its effect.

The March 2008 campaign was created by Koenig & Partners, Guayaquil, Ecuador with creative director Juan Manuel Koenig and art director Susana Vasquez.