How to Create Your Own Brick-Shaped Candy Made of Jell-O

 - Mar 16, 2009   Updated: Aug 3 2011
References: instructables
'LeGummies' are gummi-like candies made to look like LEGO toy bricks. This is accomplished by creating a silicone mold from actual toy LEGO bricks and filling it with a gelatin (Jell-o) concoction. After they sit for awhile, they achieve a candy consistency.

I like these mostly because they're pretty, but can you imagine trying to keep kids from playing with them? They'd be irresistible!

SFHandyman has posted the directions on the instructables website.

Implications - What crazy Jell-o LEGO creations would you create? Personally, I would just be so overjoyed to have edible LEGO that I'd probably just build a brick and scarf down the whole thing. Who needs to be creative when there's Jell-o involved?