The Glorious Treats Rainbow Jell-O Cups Brim with Color

All recipes can be found at 'Glorious Treats.'

If you’re looking for a refreshing and fun summer snack, the Glorious Treats rainbow Jell-O cups are for you. Sweet-toothed blogger Glory created this radiant rainbow recipe that is sure to be a popular dessert on scorching summer days. The recipe is rather time-consuming, but you won’t be able to take your eyes (or your spoon) off of your final product.

To create these jiggly cups of color, all you need to do is purchase a variety of different Jell-O mixes. Pour a color into the bottom of a cup and refrigerate the layer for 15 minutes so it sets. Continue doing this for each color, separating each yummy layer with whipped cream.

You’ll definitely fall in love with the Glorious Treats rainbow Jell-O cups—you might even go "wobbly" in the knees!

Check out Glory’s blog in the link below for more delicious ideas.