Sandee A.'s Strawberry Bananas are a Fruity Way to Feed Friends

Culinary blogger Sandee A. has created this sensational sneaky snack which is inspiring super-snackers everywhere. Sandee A.'s strawberry bananas are jiggly and genius Jello-y creations. How does she do it? Sandee makes these tasty treats by simply smushing strawberries and sugar into a puree. She then boils this puree, adding a gelatinous powder called agar-agar. Before the sweet substance has a chance to cool, Sandee pours it into an empty banana peel. The final step is to set the fruit-filled mold aside in a room temperature area and allow the juicy gelatin to set and solidify.

When these fruits are finished, the peel can be opened to reveal a scrumptious strawberry banana. Sandee A.'s strawberry bananas are sweet, scrumptious and "berry" "a-peeling!"