ModernistCuisine's Slow Motion Jello Throws Make Gelatin Hypnotizing

 - May 13, 2011
References: youtube & foodista
YouTube user ModernistCuisine uploaded this video of jiggly Jello chunks being thrown against a mirrored surface and captured them at 6200 frames per second. For this, I am dubbing ModernistCuisine a gelatin genius.

Oftentimes the videos that go viral on video hosting sites have the simplest content and context behind them, and this yummy viral video is proof of that. Jello is the perfect substance to use when experimenting with slow-motion videography, solely for it's profound pliability and jiggle factor. The Jello warps and ripples as it hits the surface, forming flame-like silhouettes which are truly hypnotizing.

ModernistCuisine's slow-motion Jello throw video gives Jello justice! It is no longer a mysterious cafeteria creature, but an artist's muse.