The Trillion Bag Seems to Have Been Crocheted by a Computer

 - May 14, 2013
References: alan-nguyen
The art of weaving might make you think of the traditional handmade craft, but such was not the means of producing the Trillion Bag. Believe it or not, this contemporary clutch has been manufactured by a process of 3D printing for a piece that is simultaneously futuristic and timeless.

The fashionable accessory comprises an amazing 500 interlocking links -- possibly even more, actually. The tiny triangular components shift and move within the cutting-edge crocheted material that allow it to plump up or thin down like a regular wicker handbag.

Alan Nguyen designed the Trillion Bag for the Freshfiber brand, keeping it bright white in color for consistency with the modern minimalist style, yet the tote takes a rounded shape that's reminiscent of retro fashion of a few dozen years ago.