These Tapestry Glasses are Fun, Colorful and Customizable

Rapid prototyping is becoming more prevalent in the world of design and the fashion industry, and these 3D printed tapestry glasses by Chloë McCormick and Nicholas O’Donnell-Hoare are one of the most quirky and charming items you'll ever come across.

Like most 3D printed things, these tapestry glasses are customizable. McCormick and O’Donnell-Hoare have designed these glasses so that you can weave your own selection and pattern of colored yarns into them. Each frame, which is laser-sintered using nylon power, is printed with tiny grid holes through which you can weave the yarn.

Providing a one-a-of-kind fashion piece, these fun and offbeat tapestry glasses will be part of the "Send to Print/Print to Send" exhibit at London's Aram Gallery from Jan. 13 to Feb. 25.