Hoon Chung Footwear Collection Offers Curvy & Cute Styles

Over the last year or two, 3D printing has gone from being used primarily in industrial design and engineering to being a burgeoning part of fashion design, and London-based designer Hoon Chung's footwear collection offers a stunning example of how far fashion can go using this technology.

A student at the London College of Fashion, Hoon Chung has created a collection of 3D-printed heels, wedges and flats, all of which are undeniably stylish. Featuring color-blocked designs and curvy silhouettes, the range is unlike most other 3D-printed shoes we've seen so far that, although interesting, don't offer effortless, everyday wearability. Chung's creations, on the other hand, range from cute lace-up wedges to platform clogs and are stylish and cool enough for the gal who loves the merge between fashion and tech.