This Watch from rvnDSGN Features a Unique Manufacturing Process

 - Aug 20, 2013
References: rvndsgn & damngeeky
Bringing a watch design to fruition usually consists of intricately designing and manufacturing components before finally combining them for the final product, but this design by rvnDSGN is created using the advent of 3D printing. Using a basis of titanium powder, the rvnDSGN team utilizes the printing technology to quickly and efficiently create the sophisticated timepiece.

Naturally, this watch from rvnDSGN is not entirely 3D printed, but rather just the main housing, bezel and small strap accoutrements. The internal Swiss-made jewel movement powers the timekeeping accessory, which will not only keep time perfectly, but also become something of a conversation starter when the details of the manufacturing process are detailed to those that inquire.

Handmade nubuck straps finish off this watch from rvnDSGN, which is available in two color variations.