These 3D Printed Prosthetic Eyes are Made of Glass and Acrylic

 - Jan 3, 2014
References: & geeky-gadgets
These prosthetic 3D natural eyes are printed from glass and acrylic materials with a realistic resemblance. A UK-based company called Fripp Design collaborated with Manchester Metropolitan University for this project. They are printed in full color resolution using Spectrum Z-Corp 510 and encased in resin.

These eyes are so realistic that they contain a network of veins and various hues resembling a real human eye. With the use of 3D printing technology, these eyes can be created with low-cost production as opposed to current prosthetic eyes. They are still in progress but are set to launch within the next year for mass production. 3D natural eyes are an example of how print technology can make a huge difference in the creation of artificial materials with an enhanced realistic approach.