This Cool Backpack from Romwe Has its Eyes on You

 - Dec 2, 2013
References: romwe
This cool backpack ensured that no matter what, all eyes are on you. Now you don't have to worry about hooligans stealing your stuff because someone will always be watching.

This unusual bag from Romwe is made of vinyl and has an eye-popping design. All over the black bag are little black metal spikes. On the covering flap are 24 freaky eyes staring out at you. The eyes are blue with red veins. Everywhere you go the backpack follows you with its eyes.

At the back of bag are straps and not spikes so that you don't stab yourself. On the inside of this cool backpack it is black with white spider webs and the logo of the maker.

This bag is great for anyone who wants to make a bold fashion statement!