Naughty Romanian Surrealist Paintings

 - Nov 2, 2008   Updated: Jun 16 2011
References: mihaicriste.blogspot & mihai82000.deviantart
These amazing surrealist paintings are the work of Romanian artist, Mihai Criste.

Christe's pieces blend multiple subjects together in innovative ways to create an artful distortions of reality that evoke curiosity and contemplation from the viewer.

Many of his paintings have religious influences evidenced by his use of symbols such as apples, trees and snakes.

Eyeballs seem to feature heavily as well, especially when combined with Christe's whimsical humor.

Implications - Surrealist art is a popular consumer choice as it blurs the line between fantasy and reality; a line that will continue to fascinate the masses. These boundary-crossing artforms are embodied in literature, photography and paintings and will continue to get more outrageous as computer technology and photo editing capacities continue to increase.