Googly Eye Candy Will Stare Back

 - Nov 25, 2012
References: laughingsquid
There is nothing like enjoying a little eye candy every now and then, and I mean that literally with the googly eye candy.

Released by Archie McPhee is a new line of lollipops that are shaped and flavored in some of the most ironic ways. If you
have ever imagined sucking on a pair of Coca-Cola flavored eyeballs, minty fresh tighty whities, sweet blueberry sharks, orange thumbs or the surprisingly regular butter-flavored cubed butter lollipop, then your prayers have been heard. Though these sweets are bizarrely paired in shape and taste, no one says you have to eat them yourselves. Have a little fun by attempting to lure pals into sucking on a severed thumb or a pair of fresh underpants, even if it's to taste-test the authenticity of the label's flavors.