Impress Your Company with a Few Floating Irises in the Blueberry Punch

 - Oct 12, 2012
References: foodnetwork
Keep guests eyeballing with your eerily garnished bloody blueberry punch.

Fresh blueberries, blueberry juice cocktail, canned lychees, syrup, freshly squeezed lime juice, sparkling water and gin will make this punch refreshing, but not overly tart. To make this kid-friendly, just skip the gin and replace it with more sparkling water or even some lime soda.

These floating pupils are made with lychee and blueberries and can be impaled on a toothpick if you want to keep them together. The spooky eyes will be bobbing up and down in your tinted beverage, making it seem like the drink is stained with the blood from the plucking process. Don’t worry if you accidentally mash up some of the eyeballs since plucking from live victims isn’t an easy task.