Svenja Jödicke’s Paintings of Eyes are a Must See

 - Jan 29, 2013
References: facebook & cuded
Svenja Jödicke has created an enchanting series of eye art that one can’t help but ogle.

The incredible detail and imagination used to bring the eyes to life is astonishing. Svenja takes the human eye and exaggerates it with flowers and explosions of color. The series describes how much can be expressed with only the eyes, or maybe it goes deeper and tells a story of the magic that occurs when two lovers are caught locked in a staring embrace.

Svenja Jödicke uses acrylics and watercolors in a remarkable display of talent. She goes by Pixie Cold on deviantART, where her works are available for purchase. When it comes to this eye art, beauty is in the eye of every beholder.