Pavel Guzenko Renders Alluring Eyes in a Classic Painting Style

 - May 21, 2012
References: & blog.thaeger
The eyes are what most people gravitate towards when looking at any sort of portrait, so Russian painter Pavel Guzenko has decided to focus solely on the ocular organs in this particular set of paintings.

Differing greatly from the works of others, Pavel Guzenko renders his eye illustrations using his skills as an impressionist artist. The resulting images are thus very rough, with Guzenko’s process pretty much laid out on the canvas for everyone to see, but that’s what’s so refreshing about these pictures. There’s a clear discourse between Guzenko and his paintings, and though he doesn’t get the refinement of say airbrushes in his pieces, the eyes he creates are still perfect in their coarseness. It’s a welcomed sight in comparison to the sterile computer-generated images currently dominating mass media.