Hanna Billqvist's Designs Give Facial Features to Houses

 - Jun 12, 2013
References: hannabillqvist.se & museandmaker
These designs by Hanna Billqvist play up the facial features of houses. Depending on their placement, sometimes windows can look like the eyes of a house. The 'Ansiktet' collection, meaning "face" in Swedish, gives houses distinctive facial features like eyes and mouths.

Billqvist has designed two window shutters; one with wide open eyes and another with long feminine eyelashes that makes houses look like they are sleeping. Another inventive part of this series is a semi-circular planter box that looks like a giant mouth, complete with big teeth.

These cartoony additions lend instant personality to the exterior of houses and are sure to elicit stares from your neighbors and passersby. The wide-eyed design would be especially hard to miss -- it is almost as if the house is watching you.