These Halloween Costume Earrings Act as an Extra Pair of Eyes

 - Oct 8, 2013
References: etsy & etsy
These Halloween costume earrings are aware of every move you make. The earrings are made by 'GloomMatterOnEtsy' from Etsy using plastic, beads and nickel-free material.

Many of us owned or have seen the dolls that blink their eyes when they are not sitting up straight. 'GloomMatterOnEtsy' have taken the entire eye sockets out of one of these dolls and melded them into a pair of earrings. This means that the blinking eyes are still in tact and will blink when you bend over. The earrings are comfortable to wear and are freakishly fashionable.

The Halloween costume earrings use a set of blue eyed blinking doll's eyes that are placed into a sun-like shape with dangling blue beads to match. Whatever you decide to dress up as this Halloween, these earrings will be sure to be the scariest part of your outfit.