The PayneSculptures Fleshlette Series is Simply Grotesque

 - Dec 29, 2012
References: etsy & obviouswinner
Completely gory and grotesque, the PayneSculptures Fleshlette series is not for the feint of heart.

Made using actual pieces of human skin and hair, the sculptures created by Jonathan Payne look like something escaped from the lab of a mad scientist who experiments with mutilating human body parts. Eyeballs peeking out of fleshy folds, human teeth sticking out of a misshaped breast and warty feet with lots of scrunched up toes protruding out of them are just some of the delights that you can look forward to when browsing the PayneSculptures Etsy store. The artist sculpts each piece by hand and then paints them with extreme detail and adds skin and other human detritus to make his creations more realistic.