- Jun 20, 2013
For those who love to document their lives through writing, these writing journals offer the perfect place to organize your mind's thoughts, your daily to-do lists and even draw a doodle or two. Writing journals are a great way to keep track of everything going on in your life and the perfect place to stash all your secrets.

There are numerously different notebooks styled to fit all sorts of personalities. If you like the environment, opt for something more environmentally-friendly like these up-cycled tree-free journals. If you're the neurotic type, the hyperbolic personal grievance journals by Chapters might be perfect for you. My personal favorite is are the unapologetic profane agendas, that are filled with witty, vulgar cursing phrases. Whether you enjoy to write, draw or simply write to-do lists, these organizing notebooks are a great stationery option.

These Writing Journals are Perfect for Documenting Your Thoughts: