Repap by Ogami is an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Traditional Parchment

 - Feb 15, 2013
References: ogamicollection & psfk
It is hard to equate the flexible properties of paper to the hard surface of stones, but that is exactly what Repap by Ogami, a company based in Milan, Italy, forces people to do. It is a line of standard notebooks crafted out of a not-so-standard material: stone. An eco-friendly alternative to tree-made paper, Repap by Ogami is made from calcium carbonate and non-toxic resins that are bonded together to form a paper-like material.

Although seemingly impossible, Repap by Ogami is not only 100% tree-free, it is water-free and requires no need for bleaching or dyeing, thus eliminating the possibility of toxic sludge or pollutants. In addition to being recyclable, archival, foldable and tearable, it is also practically water-resistant and wipeable.