The Hankie Pocketbook Lets You Look Dapper with Your Doodler Handy

 - Feb 6, 2012
References: animicausa & gizmodo
If you put proper thought into it, there are dozens of little details that can really spruce up a suit. One is the traditional patterned hanky in the breast pocket, now often considered to be more of an exuberant embellishment to a formal blazer.

But where the decorative cloth is purely aesthetic, the Hankie Pocketbook introduces purpose. It's a small 60-page notebook designed to be slipped into the front of your jacket and allowed to subtly peek out.

Eliminating the straight edge along the top of the notebook, the designer gave it an asymmetrical point to masquerade as the corner of a handkerchief. Available in three colors with light ornamental motifs, the Hankie Pocketbook looks well placed within your coat and remains convenient for scrawling spontaneous inspirations at high-profile events.