A Pirate Ear Stud is the Perfect Plunder for Your Costume

 - Jan 14, 2013
References: amazon & gadgetsmatrix
Whether you are dressing up as a pirate for Halloween or you just want a dagger sticking out of your earlobe, the Pirate Ear Stud may be just the accessory you need.

Deck out your ears with swashbuckling booty as this earring looks like a prop straight out of The Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. The scabbard or cutlass, whichever term you prefer, has a red enameled heart pommel at the base of the handle and a curved blade that looks like it could do some serious damage to your lobes. Never fear, however, because the blade actually separates from the handle, exposing a thin rod that fits right into your piercing.

The Pirate Ear Stud also wraps around your ear with a chain.