Celebrate Upcoming Festivites With Fashionable Halloween Costumes

 - Sep 17, 2012
Halloween is full of ghosts and goblins, so why not take inspiration from this and combine it with couture fashions to come up with a fashionable Halloween costume? This year, you can really show off your festive, yet stylish self. These awesomely spooky skeleton designs will make you stand apart from the rest of the party-goers this Halloween.

If you want to go full-blown skeleton, there are many outfits to choose from, whether it be a DSquared skeleton-back dress or a BlackMilk Ribs Swimsuit. You can also find Halloween make-up inspiration from the now-infamous photography series by Pauline Darley or Esquire Magazine. If you just want to add a hint of spooky skeleton to your festive, yet adult costume, you'll also find everything from leggings to hair accessories.

All of these fashions are literally to die for, ensuring you look spooky, yet stylish at this year's Halloween party.