Katie Gallagher's Skin Color Exoskeletons Have Fake Ribs

 - Apr 28, 2009   Updated: May 10 2011
References: cyanatrendland
Understatement of the day: Katie Gallagher's exoskeleton zombie designs are interesting. She put together some skin colored support garments to make them look like rib cages, added some spandex waist cinches, and elastic bands to make sure everything was tight and presented the world with, according to Cyantrendland, a "vision of cloistered sexualityâ€"a cold, provoking parody of nakedness."

Implications - Slim-fit fashion is becoming popular amongst fashionistas today. The media's portrayal of a perfect body often has people opting for slimmer outfits that make them feel a little less self-conscious about themselves. This has inspired brands to provide thinner options for those who want to show off their bodies to the best of their ability. With people wanting to look their best at all times, slim-fit clothing will remain high in demand.