Lamborghini Motion Sickness Bags

 - Apr 1, 2008
References: lamborghini & autoblog
If you're prone to motion sickness, zipping around in a Lamborghini at top speed, probably isn't a good idea. Just in case you do find yourself in this scenario, there is now a Lamborghini barf bag.

Seriously? The Italian car makers have the product featured on their official site; if you don't believe me, check it out here.

It's not a half bad idea, so long as you don't call it a "barf bag." A "refuse" or "disposal" bag is much more polite, and is actually quite practical -- something every driver needs in their car anyway, so why not stick to their high end branding?

This is just bizarre, and potentially an April fool's prank. Could Lamborghini really have put their logo on something people will puke into?