A Paxan Company Success Story

 - Feb 27, 2007
References: iran-export & sicksack
Barf in your hair, barf in your underwear, barf in your sink. No, the exorcist is not being filmed in your home. It's the line of BARF cleaning products from Paxan Company based in Iran. Interestingly enough, the biggest buyers of Barf are Europeans. They must really love the smell of barf in the morning. Apparently, the word Barf is Persian, meaning snow. But who cares? Barf is cool!

Just think of all the cool things you can say about Barf: "I soak my underwear in Barf." "I wash my hair in Barf and it smells terrific." And of course my personal favorite: "If you stink, wash yourself in Barf, your friends will notice the difference!"

You have got to check out the link I put in to the Russian advertisement for this soap. It's not English, but it's very visually stimulating. Sort of frustrated-video game designer meets Disney production. It's got Barf written all over it.