What the Hell is Wrong with People?

 - Mar 1, 2007
References: bagophily & sicksack
The world of barf bag collecting is a truly diverse one and much more complicated than I had imagined. Who knew there were whole web pages dedicated to barf bag collections? Even a barf bag museum?

To swap bags with other collectors check here: http://sicksack.com/pukeswap.htm

To visit the barf bag museum go here: http://www.airsicknessbags.com/

Below I've included an excerpt from one barf bag collectors site. If you need a barf bag, he'll send you a starter pack from his own personal collection. Do the right thing folks. Send him an email, get your barf bags! Make this dude famous on the net! He deserves some kind of internet notoriety for being brave enough to share with the world.