90 Airplane, Airport & Airline Innovations

 - Sep 23, 2008   Updated: May 31 2011
Trend Hunter has seen a lot of incredible flight features, so we decided to gather them all together to bring you a super cluster that highlights 90 airplane, airline and airport innovations.

The cluster spans topics such as security, luxury, design, environment, advertising, furniture and decor.

Hopefully with more secure and better designed airplanes, we will hear less about airplane glitches and tragedies.

Implications - Traveling for extended periods of time and distances can often be stressful, taxing and tiring. Airline companies that can provide frequent fliers with a more enjoyable and stress-free experiences while in the air will certainly be rewarded with a returning customer base. Whether certain airlines can provide luxury services, fine dining or shorter security lines, these things will give them an advantage over other airline companies. Convenience is king for consumers.